About GDS

Great Deal Solution is an Outsourcing and Consulting company just at your service, catering to any and every need of yours. We provide a fresh approach with professional, cost effective solutions to many of contact problems facing businesses today, through a number of diverse, telemarketing, web marketing and back office services to all industry sectors.

Our value added services
Campaign Management.
Data Management.
Business Support.

While we provide our customers the above services, delivering professional solutions tailored to their requirement and assisting them to increase their productivity and profitability, they have all the time to focus their energies to their core business and key customers.

Our Team :
Great Deal Solution is a proud organisation owing to its employees (we call them members). They are hardcore professionals & competent individuals. They are self motivated and trained rigorously to understand the needs of any kinds of business the customer has and also to give solutions which are cost effective, profitable and go a long way for the company’s futuristic growth
Our Team :
We would be delighted to join and shake hands with you for a great future together. Call us at: gdskmu@gmail.com
Our Infra
24/40, Nageswaran Sannathi Street
Kumbakonam - 612001
Thanjavur - District
Email : gdskmu@gmail.com
Mobile: 96981 48436, 80565 38809
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